Caribbean Glass Specialist Ltd's Glass Gallery offers various designs of Clothing Racks & Garment Racks to give your store its very own personal look and feel to your customers.

We offer many different styles and designs of Clothing Racks, showcases, as well as many other Store Fixtures and furnishings that can complement your existing or new store.

Slatwall Accessories are the most important part of any slatwall display. From slatwall hooks, waterfalls and faceouts to slatwall shelf brackets and hat displays, slatwall accessories will complete your slatwall system.

Slatwall accessories allow for convenient movement and design updates to existing display areas as the size of your products change

Setting up your own retail store can be an exciting undertaking. Across the country, apparel boutiques are opening up that cater to niche markets.

Whether you plan on selling clothing, accessories, or even portable electronics, you may intend to incorporate mannequins into your displays and store.

We have a wide range of clear plastic hangers that are engineered for strength & functional organization.

All hangers are sold individually or in cases of 100. Caribbean Glass guarantees that all hangers are in stock and are available for immediate pick up.